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5 Christmas Gifts for Artists – Art Materials

Have you ever experienced that awful moment when you open an arty gift and exclaim “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”? It’s awful because you really do wish they hadn’t – it’s the wrong medium, wrong for your level of experience or wrong because it duplicates … Continue reading

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Health and Safety for Artists

Artists will be familiar with the saying that we’re only famous after we’re dead, but here’s a cautionary tale to stop you speeding up the process. Artist Govinder Nazran died from head injuries after a fall. A coroner ruled that a contributory … Continue reading

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Show Me The Monet

Wildlife Art – why is it looked down on by the art Establishment? Over the last few years I really thought we were getting past this attitude, but then I watched the BBC2 programme Show Me The Monet. I’ve only … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Apologies for rather infrequent blog posts lately. Too much to do (events, teaching, preparation, illustrations, marketing, accounts…) and not enough hours in the day. Hopefully normal service will be resumed later in the week. Please bear with me.

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The One That Got Away

On Twitter today, the tweets turned to the occasions when we see something wonderful but don’t have a camera to hand.  I’m sure we’ve all had that experience.  Mine is somewhat different, as I did have a camera but still didn’t end … Continue reading

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Everyone can Learn to Draw

“You said that anyone can learn to draw, and we don’t believe you, so we’ve come to prove you wrong!”  Thus spake a couple at the start of one of my “Beginners’ Drawing” classes.  No pressure then!  One day I’ll learn not … Continue reading

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The Truth is Out There

How often do you believe something without question? I spent an interesting evening with the Egypt Society of Bristol earlier this week, listening to John Wyatt’s talk on the Birds of Ancient Egypt.  Afterwards someone mentioned that they’d never questioned one … Continue reading

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Haven’t You Finished it Yet?

“How do you know when it’s finished?” is a question I’m often asked about my paintings.  The only answer I can think of is, “When it stops annoying me!”.   That sounds silly but it isn’t meant to.  It’s actually quite a … Continue reading

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Broadway Arts Festival

Visited the Broadway Arts Festival today.  It’s a biennial exhibition, this year celebrating the 125th anniversary of John Singer Sargent’s first visit to Broadway. Only had time for two events; one was better than I expected and one less so.  … Continue reading

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Close Encounter…

…with a young greenfinch.  Just went out in to the courtyard for some fresh air, leaving the door open behind me.  Unfortunately startled a greenfinch in to flight – straight through the open door.  Equally unfortunately all the  windows were closed, as … Continue reading

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