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5 Christmas Gifts for Artists – Art Materials

Have you ever experienced that awful moment when you open an arty gift and exclaim “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”? It’s awful because you really do wish they hadn’t – it’s the wrong medium, wrong for your level of experience or wrong because it duplicates … Continue reading

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Art Shops: Use them or Lose Them

I’m sticking with the Gloucestershire theme from my last post: this one’s for the art enthusiasts. I’m quite vocal about supporting local art shops as well as the online establishments. If we don’t support small businesses we’ll lose them, it’s … Continue reading

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Are You Making the Most of Art Materials Websites?

Are you making the most of art materials websites? I include two groups in this catergory: manufacturers (Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Sennelier, et al) and online suppliers (Jackson’s Art Supplies, Ken Bromley Art Supplies etc). It’s only during the past year or two … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware

Today’s post brought a flyer from an art materials supplier. I’ll keep the name under wraps to protect the guilty. The flyer promised “Lowest prices guaranteed” and a further paragraph gave extra “lowest price” promises. Well in these days of … Continue reading

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Demise of the Art Shop?

On a brief trawl of the web today I came across a request for top tips on buying art materials online.  I have two main thoughts on the subject: (1) all the main decisions you make about your supplies, such … Continue reading

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