Birding World Cover Painting

Birding World cover image

Birding World, March issue

I’m very happy that Birding World magazine chose to use my woodpigeon painting Sunlight and Shadow as the cover image for their March issue.

I salute Birding World’s continued commitment to using artwork – these days many magazines prefer to use photographic images throughout their publications. Sadly, the days of the RSPB featuring wildlife art on their magazine covers are long gone.

With improvements in technology during recent years there are more superb photographic images available than ever before, but why must it be a case of either photos or art? Both are available; why can’t both be used?

Fortunately there is also Bird Art and Photography magazine to fly the flag for those of us who enjoy quality images.

Some of the publications insist that the public would rather see photos than paintings, but given the interest in the art marquee at Bird Fair there must be a sizeable audience for artwork too.

So come on editors: bring back the artwork!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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6 Responses to Birding World Cover Painting

  1. Expression says:

    Well done for getting your art work published Jackie. I hope many wildlife editors hear your call to bring back the artwork.Its a great resource that shouldnt be forgotten.

  2. David says:

    Excellent Jackie! I am all for a revival of artwork in any kind of publication…

  3. Nick says:

    Congrats Jackie – lovely painting too. I agree, not enough publications follow Birding World’s example – it’s time to begin the revolution and bring artwork back to the fore.

    • Thanks Nick, good to see you on my blog. I’m up for an artwork revolution. Who shall we start with – Birdwatch, Natural World, Birdwatching, RSPB magazine? I’d like to see photography and art alternate as cover images. That ought to be fair to all.

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