BBC Radio Gloucestershire: Morning Thoughts

Gloucestershire residents: do you listen to BBC Radio Gloucestershire? If not, why not… it’s great. I love the blend of local news and views, competitions, humour and a wide variety of music. This week I’ll be taking part in a show too.

Last week I recorded an interview with Claire Carter from Radio Gloucestershire. Claire does a regular feature called Morning Thoughts, for Mark Cummings’ breakfast programme, where she asks a Gloucestershire resident a series of questions, the resulting interview being split in to sections for broadcast each morning the following week. Usually the interview runs from Monday to Friday, though this week the Bank Holiday has disrupted the schedule slightly.

The interview covers the participant’s morning routine, commute and attitude, but also focusses on their favourite Gloucestershire places and what would be their perfect Gloucestershire weekend. I particularly enjoyed that last question, especially as I was given unlimited virtual money to spend!

Actually, I was encouraged to see that I didn’t need unlimited money for a perfect weekend. Gloucestershire has so much going for it that whether leisure, tourism, business or culture is your ideal, the county has it covered. You’ll have to wait until Friday to hear what would be my perfect weekend.

Today’s broadcast was all about my commute to my wonderful studio… and if you’d like to see the wonderful studio for yourself, I’m taking part in Stroud’s Open Studios this weekend and next. The studio will be open 11am – 6pm the middle two weekends of May.

Whilst I enjoyed the interview I’m certainly not looking forward to hearing myself on the radio, especially as I was struggling with a cold when we made the recording. Even when I’m well my voice never seems to sound as I think it should when it’s broadcast.

I hope to have my interview on my website soon, but if you miss the original broadcasts they’ll be available on the BBC iPlayer for the seven days after the original transmission.. Here’s the first one (my part is at 2:52.30)

Tomorrow features my favourite Gloucestershire places. So many to choose from, it was tough to narrow it down. See if your favourites are amongst them.

Enjoy listening.


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